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Destiny’s Wings

By Rhondi Ann

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Destiny’s Wings

Destiny’s Wings 

By Rhondi Ann

An outcast. She cannot hear what she must, and hears what is impossible. Will it destroy her as it did her father?

Her world trembles on the edge of all-out war. Wars are fought not only with machine and steam, but with magic and myth. The Protectorate has formed its own army to fight Warlord Ins'ahd, and it needs dragonriders.

Orphaned in a horrible family tragedy, Arynn struggles to find herself. With an uncertain future, Arynn dares to volunteer for the Dragon Cavalry, determined to become more than anyone thought possible.

Rule 1: Do Not Let Your Dragon Eat You

What she hears might be the magic she needs to grasp the destiny she craves. Or destroy her completely.

Her fellow recruits might become the family she craves or the enemy she fears to face. Can she grow strong enough to control her fate?

Destiny's Wings by Rhondi Ann. Dragon Cavalry Book 1

Lies & Promises by Rhondi Ann

"A cozy romance with a spine-tingling plot!"

Blinded by lies...Will Lauren see the truth in time?

A broken engagement. A funeral with the wrong body. Now she's being threatened. Can Lauren untangle a deadly mystery in time?

She didn't plan on moving forward, but she is managing the broken promises. Then a man shows up on her doorstep with a retired military war dog--who used to belong to her ex. Unable to resist dog and trainer, she takes a step backward in her plans.

Then the stalking begins. Items rearranged. Things stolen. Her house being watched. A man representing himself as a private contractor working hand in hand with the government unveils both truth and lies and her ex's affair. What does she know about an international conspiracy?

Realizing that she can only trust herself and the dog Casey, Lauren begins to fight back against the mystery that has killed and will kill again. Two men. One stalker. One fortune.

Who will succeed?

Destiny's Summon by Rhondi Ann Book 1 of Dancer's Destiny

Destiny’s Summon by Rhondi Ann

Series: Book 1 of Dancer’s Destiny

There are fates worse than death.

Alorie has seen what the Seven Races face now that an Immortal evil walks the land again. She’s being called upon to challenge it but can she find the power within to answer that call? Her House failed its guardianship, freeing it. What if she fails as well? The time of the Unicorn and its prophecies have fallen and someone must answer or all will be destroyed.

This includes Book 1 and the novella, The Willow Ring.

The Willow Ring by Rhondi Ann Series: The Unicorn Dancer Tales Book 2  Alorie and Rowan’s story continues in this novella

The Willow Ring novella by Rhondi Ann

Series: Part of Destiny’s Summon: Book 1 of Dancer’s Destiny

Alorie and Rowan’s story continues in this novella…

Alorie and Rowan have been partners to save the Seven Races and defend each other, but there is more to their bond than that. Can he find the courage he needs to ask for her to marry him, and can she find the courage to accept in spite of her destiny as the Unicorn Dancer?

Fate's Sword by Rhondi Ann Series: Book 2 of Dancer's Destiny

Fate’s Sword by Rhondi Ann

Series: Book 2 of Dancer’s Destiny

An evil that never dies hunts down a young woman and her legendary Unicorn sword.  

A young woman is faced with her destiny of becoming a warrior. 

Alorie has faced many trials trying to save the Seven Races but she faces her most dangerous foes yet. Forbidden to love the Rover Rowan, she had planned to marry but their ceremony is ruined and the famed Unicorn Sword taken. Can it be recovered in time to face the deadly forces rising? And if she does retrieve it, will it be as pure and powerful as it needs to be...and will she?

The Unicorn Dancer Tales Box Set by Rhondi Ann

The Dancer’s Destiny Box Set by Rhondi Ann

Series: Dancer’s Destiny Books 1 and 2, including The Willow Ring novella

A young woman faces her destiny to become a warrior and seek out the elusive Unicorn. An ancient evil rises from Barrowlands her house pledged to guard, but they have failed in their trust. 

Alorie alone can give hope to the remaining kingdoms as she claims her destiny and a forbidden love in the banished Rover known as Rowan. Old enemies and new friends gather to give battle to save their world as the prophesied time of the unicorn draws near!

Lady Fire by Rhondi Ann Series: Dragon Kingdom Book 1

Lady Fire by Rhondi Ann

Series: Dragon Kingdom Book 1

A war only a dragon queen can stop. A desperate quest. A lost princess and a cursed swordsman join forces to find their destinies.

War drives Sharlin to find the dragon queen Turiana, the only ally left standing who can defeat the sorceress Rodeka. But she is attacked, her war griffin killed, and she is abandoned in a strange land where she must disguise herself and her intentions.

Dar is a swordsman bound by a witch-king and seeks freedom from his curse. Only a dragon’s claw can sever the ties. So when he crosses paths with Sharlin and a forbidden map which may lead to the fabled graveyard of dragons, he joins her mission. But she has her secrets, as he has his, and that may doom the two and their world to dark sorcery.

Sharp blades, keen wit, and even love may not be enough to win their fates.

Book One in the Dragon Kingdom trilogy of adventure, magic, and destiny.

Lord Fire by Rhondi Ann Series: Dragon Kingdom Book 2

Lord Fire by Rhondi Ann

Series: Dragon Kingdom Book 2

She needed one dragon, and raised a graveyard full. Now Rangard is besieged with magical and arrogant beasts determined to become dragon gods again.

Hunted by the evil Baalan, Sharlin and her swordsman Dar can only try to right the wrong they've done, for the good of all.

But good deeds are seldom rewarded.

They are still not the people they are fated to be, but they are in love and Dar fights his curse to stay by Sharlin's side. She is truly the Lady Fire and he is determined to be the Lord she needs him to be.

Allied with the dragon queen Turiana, two humans try to turn the tides of destiny.

Book Two in the Dragon Kingdom trilogy of adventure, magic, and destiny.

Knight of Dragons by Rhondi Ann Series: Dragon Kingdom Book 3

Knight of Dragons by Rhondi Ann

Series: Dragon Kingdom Book 3

The stunning conclusion to the Dragon Kingdom books.

The golden dragon Turiana hides in the mists of time, almost forgotten. Separated by an act of magic from her, Sharlin and Dar find their own haven and hope to raise their son in peace. But rival Baalan will not rest until his dragon hold on Rangard is ironclad and all races bow down to him.

But dragon magic carries a terrible price, devastating the great beasts. Only a blood sacrifice can cleanse it, a night of terror. As the tides of time shift, Turiana comes out of hiding to ask of Sharlin and Dar the ultimate price to save their world. They refuse and yet their son is stolen away. They embark on a desperate quest to save him and their people from the bloody enslavement of all Rangard.

Knight of Dragons by Rhondi Ann Series: Dragon Kingdom Book 3

Dragon Kingdom Box Set  by Rhondi Ann

Series: Dragon Kingdom Books 1, 2, and 3

For the first time, all three of the Dragon Kingdom books are available in a set. 

A lost princess searches for her dragon heritage, the Lady Fire.

A desperate swordsman fights to reclaim his soul.

A cursed map will bind them together on a forbidden journey across the unknown.

When Sharlin and Aarondar meet, sparks fly…yet these two have to find a way to work together to meet their destinies. Sharlin determines to work a desperate act of magic, and with Dar’s help succeeds, but now the world of Rangard finds itself full of dragons, once a dying race. And those dragons hold powerful magic which splits their ranks into good and evil, warring for domination.

Dragon magic comes with a terrible cost, however…a wasting disease that threatens all those who hold power. Only a blood sacrifice can cleanse that magic. Sharlin and Dar have their own son taken for sacrifice and they set out to save him, knowing that failure will bring about the bloody enslavement of every race on Rangard.



Rhondi A. Vilott Salsitz, born in Phoenix, Arizona is a writer of mystery, suspense, romance, fantasy, and science fiction novels.

She writes under the names Rhondi Ann, Sara Hanover, Emily Drake, Elizabeth Forrest, Charles Ingrid, Rhondi Vilott Salsitz, R.A.V. Salsitz, Rhondi Vilott, Jenna Rhodes, and Rhondi Greening. She has published over 60 books and short stories. 

Full Name: Rhondi A. Vilott Salsitz

Place of Birth: Phoenix, Arizona

Graduate: Clarion Workshop ’79 (Michigan State University)

Occupation: Writer

Nationality: American

Genres: Mystery, Suspense, Romance, Fantasy, Science Fiction

Rhondi Ann

Short Fiction

  •     "Strong Armed" in Murder, Mystery, and Mayhem Anthology (Oct 2017)


  •      Lies & Promises (2019)

The Unicorn Dancer Tales Series (2019)

  •    The Unicorn Dancer: The Unicorn Dancer Tales Book 1 
  •     The Willow Ring novella: The Unicorn Dancer Tales Book 2
  •     Dancer's Destiny: The Unicorn Dancer Tales Book 3
  •    The Unicorn Dancer Tales Boxset

Dragon Kingdom Series (2019)

  •     Lady Fire: Dragon Kingdom Book 1
  •     Lord Fire: Dragon Kingdom Book 2
  •     Knight of Dragons: Dragon Kingdom Book 3
  •     Dragon Kingdom Series Boxset

Rhondi Salsitz

Short Fiction

  •    “The Locksmith’s Dilemma” in Tales of Plexis Anthology (Dec 2018)
  •    “Love and the Improper Unicorn” in Temporally Deactivated (June 2019)

Sara Hanover

The Wayward Mages Series (2018)

  •     The Late Great Wizard: The Wayward Mages Book 1
  •     Coming Jan 2020: The New Improved Sorceress: The Wayward Mages Book 2

R. A. V. Salsitz

Dragons Trilogy

  •     Where Dragons Lie (1985)
  •     Where Dragons Rule (1986)
  •     Night of Dragons (1990)

Unicorn Dancer Series

  •    The Unicorn Dancer (1986)
  •     Daughter of Destiny (1988)

Short Fiction

  •     "The Locksmith" in Tales of Plexus Anthology (December 2018)

Rhondi Vilott

Dragontales 'Choose Your Adventure' Series (1984-1985)

  •    Sword Daughter's Quest
  •     Runesword!
  •     Challenge of the Pegasus Grail
  •     The Towers of Rexor
  •     The Unicorn Crown
  •     Black Dragon’s Curse 
  •     Spellbound
  •     The Dungeons of Dregnor
  •     Aphrodite’s Mirror
  •     Hall of the Gargoyle King
  •     Maiden of Greenwold
  •     Storm Rider
  •     Pledge of Peril
  •     Secret of the Sphinx

Short Fiction

  •    Persephone (1980)

The Dragon Roads Series (2011)

  •     Sword Daughter: Dragon Roads Book 1 (2011)
  •     The Storm Rider: Dragon Roads Book 2 (2011)
  •     Aphrodite's Mirror: Dragon Roads Book 3 (2011)
  •     Curse of the Sphinx: Dragon Roads Book 4 (2011)
  •     Dungeons of Doom: Dragon Roads Book 5 (2011)
  •     The Wizard's Tower: Dragon Roads Book 6 (2011)
  •     The Crown and the Unicorn: Dragon Roads Book 7 (2011)
  •     The Gargoyle King: Dragon Roads Book 8 (2011)
  •     Draco's Revenge: Dragon Roads Book 9 (2011)
  •     The Pegasus Quest: Dragon Roads Book 10 (2011)
  •     Legend of Greenbriar: Dragon Roads Book 11 (2011)

Jenna Rhodes

Elven Ways Series

  •     The Four Forges (2006)
  •     The Dark Ferryman (2008)
  •     Elven Ways (Supporting Material)
  •     Foreword One: On Histories (The Four Forges) (2006)
  •     Foreword Two: A Smoking Tale (The Four Forges) (2006)
  •     Kerith Timeline (The Four Forges) (2006)
  •     Glossary (The Four Forges) (2006)
  •     Personae (The Four Forges) (2006)
  •     Kerith Timeline (The Dark Ferryman) (2008)
  •     Glossary (The Dark Ferryman) (2008)
  •     King of Assassins (2014
  •     The Queen of Storm and Shadow (2017)

Short Fiction

  •     "The Wind Lost" in Submerged Anthology (Oct 2017)
  •     "Trust" in Crossroads of Darkover Anthology (2018)
  •     “Rainbow Dark” in Guilds and Glaives Anthology (Sept 2018)

Emily Drake

The Magickers Series

  •     The Magickers Chronicles: Volume One (2010)
  •     The Magickers Chronicles: Volume Two (2010)
  •     The Magickers (2001)
  •     The Curse of Arkady (2002)
  •     The Dragon Guard (2003)
  •     The Gate of Bones (2004)
  •    The Prince of Nowhere e-pub series (Late 2018)

Charles Ingrid

Marked Man

  •     The Marked Man Omnibus (2002)
  •     The Marked Man (1989)
  •     The Last Recall (1991)

Patterns of Chaos

  •     Patterns of Chaos: Volume One (2002)
  •     Patterns of Chaos: Volume Two (2002)
  •     Radius of Doubt (1991)
  •     Path of Fire (1992)
  •     The Downfall Matrix (1994)
  •     Soulfire (1995)

Sand Wars

  •    The Sand Wars: Volume One (2001)
  •    The Sand Wars: Volume Two (2001)
  •     Solar Kill (1987)
  •     Lasertown Blues (1988)
  •     Celestial Hit List (1988)
  •     Alien Salute (1989)
  •     Return Fire (1989)
  •     Challenge Met (1990)

Short Fiction

  •     The Phantom Watch (1991)
  •     Burning Bridges (2002)

Elizabeth Forrest

  •     Phoenix Fire (1992)
  •     The Twilight Gate (1993)
  •     Dark Tide (1993)
  •     Death Watch (1995)
  •     Killjoy (1996)
  •     Bright Shadow (1997)
  •     Retribution (1998)
  •     Omnibus (Death Watch & Killjoy)
  •     At Twilight's Fall (2007)

Short Fiction

  •     Cold Stone Barrow (1992)

Anne Knight

  •     Death Storm (1999)

Front Cover of Murder, Mystery, and Mayhem Anthology (Oct 2017)
Back Cover of Murder, Mystery, and Mayhem Anthology (Oct 2017)

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