Emily Drake is the pen name Rhondi chose for the Magickers series, "because drake is another naming for dragon and I thought my readers would appreciate it. A book was my magic carpet to adventure in my years growing up, and I try to pass on the tradition. I’m a full time writer and have raised a blended family: his, mine and our children, any of whom can, have been and will be used as characters in my books."

Emily Drake's titles include: The Magickers, The Curse of Arkady, The Dragon Guard, and The Gate of Bones

July 2022:

The long-awaited Ebooks of

your favorite Magickers are here!

The Magickers: The Magickers Book 1 by Emily Drake Cover 2022

The Magickers: The Magickers Book 1 by Emily Drake

Magic and Adventure for the young at heart! New edition for new readers!

It will take a small miracle--or magic--to rescue Jason's Adrian's ruined summer. Too injured to go to soccer camp, he is faced with being left behind by his stepfamily until he receives a scholarship offer from a mysterious Camp Rayvenwing. Far from ordinary, each and every camper, as different as they may be, possibly has the talent for Magick!

The camp was intended to be a safe spot to gather students and restore abilities long thought to be gone in the world--but it isn't.

Caught between reality and the impossible, Jason and his newfound friends must learn to master their abilities as a battle between Good and Evil magicks begins to rise! Jason desperately wants to belong--will he have the courage to forge a new life for himself, with or without Magick!

The Curse of Arkady: The Magickers Book 2 by Emily Drake Cover 2022

The Curse of Arkady: The Magickers Book 2 by Emily Drake

Jason, Bailey, Trent and their friends are new Magickers with lives in jeopardy from the Dark Hand. Magick is far from easy and safe.

Summer is over but the attacks of the enemy are not! Jason is back home, trying to navigate school, family, and his new skills in Magick. Trained at Camp Ravyenwing, he has learned he must be in control or be swallowed up by evil. . .Worse, whenever the Magickers work their abilities, Chaos is unleashed along with packs of wolfjackals into their world.

A mansion that is no less than haunted and cursed infects his dreams. As his world begin to spiral out of control, he is faced with that mansion in real life. A cunning trap from the Dark Hand, it is closing inescapably around him. The elders Gavan, Eleanora and Tomaz who promised their help have gone silent and the friends on their own to defeat the curse of Arkady. Will their shaky talents be enough to meet the enemy?

The Dragon Guard: The Magickers Book 3 by Emily Drake Cover 2022

The Dragon Guard: The Magickers Book 3 by Emily Drake

No world is safe. 

Jason and his Magickers have been threatened by the Dark Hand. All they know is in jeopardy: their families, their Magick, and their very lives. Jason has escaped once by the skin of his teeth—and opened a Gate to a world which might be their salvation, if only he could do it again. But Gates must be anchored and Haven escapes all his abilities. That portal has a very particular guardian--can he convince a Dragon to aid his desperate quest or will Jason yet lose everything dear to him?

The Gate of Bones The Magickers Book 4 by Emily Drake Cover 2022

The Gate of Bones: The Magickers Book 4 by Emily Drake

A deadly Gate that should never have been open threatens the new world.

What had been meant as a sanctuary world is breached when the Dark Hand finds a way to follow the Magickers to Haven and the Iron Mountain Academy, carrying their evil and their captured Magickers with them. Jason, Bailey, Ting, Henry and the others must find a way to free their mentors and face yet another battleground of good versus evil.

But what the Dark Hand has forgotten that is has never been just Jason or any of the young Magickers standing alone. They stand together, and together they are learning to become formidable. Jonnard has opened the maelstrom Gate of Bones to unleash evil as never before, but Jason is prepared to make the ultimate sacrifice to close it?

The Magickers Chronicles: Volume 1 by Emily Drake Series: The Unicorn Dancer Tales Book 1

The Prince of Nowhere: A Magickers Novel by Emily Drake

The Return to the sanctuary world of the Magickers! 

Jason, Trent, Bailey, Ting, Henry, Stefan and Rich have blended into Haven and its cultures as they'd grown to young adulthood. They fled their homes, determined not to be freaks captured and studied. And Haven has welcomed them...until now.
Now a sorcerer is challenging their very right to exist.
And Rich's venom-plagued illness can no longer be kept in check. They must forage for a rumored cure, even as the sorcerer hunts them down.
Plus, there are those who have named the Magickers as demons, evil-beings which must be eliminated.
Will their friendships and their magic be enough to conquer their problems? Is such a thing as a happy ending ever possible for a handful of people infused with the impossible?

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