Curse of the Sphinx, Dragon Roads #4

The Dragon Roads series:

Now for a limited time only — $2.99

Do you dare to walk the Dragon roads in search of treasure and magic? 
You choose your road and claim the adventure!

You are Matthew, a young Crusader attendant hoping someday to become a knight when a fierce storm sweeps you overboard and only a mysterious Ankh keeps you from certain death. You find yourself in ancient Egypt as gods battle once again and you are in the middle. Choose the dragon road you travel wisely for mummies, crocodiles, vicious snakes as well as ancient gods will keep your from your destiny! Read over and over for different endings and fates!
Can be read over and over, with new choices and outcomes, an interactive book for the tween reader. 
CURSE OF THE SPHINX now available in eBook Stores for only $2.99 for a limited time, get yours today!

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